The Fallen

The Fallen


This eBook cover design is elegant and rich in design and composition. The array of metallic roses atop a deep burgundy background with the added splash of a sweeping gold metallic font for the book’s title catches the eye. The Fallen is a beautiful book cover that evokes a potential reader’s gaze and beckons them, implying a promise that something exceptional is waiting for them behind this book cover.

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– You may customize the book’s title and author’s name.
Optional: You can also add a short review blurb (40 characters or fewer, not including the reviewer’s name) and an additional line of text (i.e., “#1 Best-Selling Author”). See the cover image for examples of these customizations.
– If you have other customization requests, email with the details.

– Once the author has purchased the item and messaged me with the customization details,
– I’ll deliver your eBook design within seven days, usually much sooner.
– Buyer will receive two eBook files as 6″ x 9″ images.

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Once purchased, this design will be yours, and I will never sell this exact design again.

However, I cannot guarantee that other designers will not use the individual images as they are stock photos or creative commons images.

The designer of this book cover has manipulated the roses and leaf images featured on this cover to be unique and differ greatly from the original images.

The composition of this design is unique and copyrighted.

See details at the bottom of this listing for more information about image rights and usage.

– It’s exciting for me to create book covers that stand out and harken the interest of potential readers and soon-to-be fans. : )

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– The sale of this pre-made cover is for use as an eBook cover ONLY.
– The buyer cannot use this image for a purpose other than selling an eBook.
– The buyer may not use the image to create a paperback cover, hardback cover, book dust jacket, or audiobook cover.

If you require these, contact me for details.

The designer prohibits you from creating any other sale item without written permission from the designer.

A buyer owns the rights, but the copyright stays with the designer as the
artist reserves the right to use her work in her business’ advertising and design portfolio.

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