The Cursed Skull


The Cursed Skull

$75.00 $50.00

Available for both ebook or printed book, for only one customer, with full bookjacket. I also can make promotional images (banners, bookmarks, etc).

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Size: 1500 × 2300 Pixels (can be changed)
Resolution: 300 Pixels/Inch
Available for only one customer

Let me know the size you need, your title, the author name, quotes and whatever you want me to add or remove or change.
If you buy this cover, you must put my name as Cover Artist in the credits of the book. (Adrian Păsărin)

It is also available both e-book or printed book, with a full bookjacket.

I can make bookmarks, promotional images and other graphics too. For more details, contact me at

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