Why sign up as a vendor?

As a book cover designer, it can be hard finding customers and selling your covers. The Book Cover Shop brings together talented book cover designers and helps these designers sell their covers to talented authors and writers.

Why sell your eBook covers online on The Book Cover Shop?

  1. You receive 85% pay-out
  2. We advertise our popular covers and designers on Facebook, Google and Author- and self-publishing websites.
  3. Max 24hr wait to get your products approved
  4. Vendor Dashboard with sales overview, pageviews and detailed sales stats
  5. Easy withdraw: You decide when to withdraw money! With one clock on the button you can transfer money from your wallet to your Paypal.
  6. Have your personal shop with banner, products and your social profiles
  7. We will be adding more functionalities soon such as cover auctions and author cover requests.

Rules for vendors:

  1. Respect copyright!
  2. Every cover can only sold once!
  3. You are responsible for taking down covers that have been sold on other websites.