How do I order a cover?

Ordering a cover is very simple. Find the cover you would like to purchase and add it to your basket. Fill out your details and make sure to add your instructions to the ‘order notes’ at the bottom of the page. After paying the designer will contact you for more information or send you the completed cover.

Can I use my own book title?

Yes! Please enter titles and tag lines in the ‘order notes’ field at the bottom of the page.

Are book covers exclusive?

All book covers on The Book Cover Shop are 100% exclusive and will be taken offline the moment you buy the book cover.

Do keep in mind that the designers use stock images. This means we cannot guarantee that the images are not used on other covers / by other designers.

Can I order paperback covers?

Yes, some designers will also offer paperback covers. You can select ebook + paperback on the sales page. If not, please contact info@thebookcovershop.com so we can help you order a paperback cover.

I’m not happy with the cover – what should I do?

Please try and resolve any grievances with the designer. Our designers are reasonable people and will happily help customers. If you cannot come to a solution please email info@thebookcovershop.com so we can mediate and come to a solution that fits both you and the designer.

Can I ask the designer to make adjustments to the cover?

Yes! Most designers are prepared to make small adjustments to the cover.

When will I receive my final cover?

Most designers send out covers within 48 hours, some adjustments however might take a bit longer, but we tend to send out covers as soon as possible.

Can I ask designers for custom covers?

Yes, please email info@thebookcovershop.com for custom book covers.

Can I buy book covers directly from the designers?

If you have a designer’s email address you can, but we will obviously not be able to refund money or mediate in disputes. You will not be protected when buying directly from a designer.

Can I sell book covers on this website?

Yes, you can make a vendor account and start selling your book covers in no time!

Does the website take a commission?

Yes. The website takes 15% commission. This commission is the lowest in the industry and is primarily used for advertising and keeping your book covers and keeping the website running.